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Nanobiomaterials Engineering

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The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the oldest faculties of the Lodz University of Technology. It was established in 1945 and since then it has been known in Poland and in the world as a strong research center with significant achievements in science and education.

Our faculty provides multi-interdisciplinary studies at two levels of education, ending with the titles of an engineer and a master's degree in engineering. Extensive knowledge of chemistry, engineering and technology allows graduates to meet all the challenges of the 21st century. Thanks to this, they find employment in various industries, in public administration, education, and research and development institutions in the best centers in the country and abroad. Studying at our faculty gives the opportunity to obtain a double diploma at the University of Twente.

There are three dynamically operating student's scientific association at the faculty. Extensive involvement in scientific and promotional activities of the faculty is a chance to fulfill not only the scientific passions of students.

The Faculty of Chemistry has modern laboratories with advanced research equipment allowing for world-class research in the field of nanomaterials and functional materials, polymer and hybrid materials, natural and synthetic chemical compounds with therapeutic or diagnostic potential, adsorbents and catalysts.

All this, combined with the Faculty's highly qualified teaching staff, constitutes the foundations for the development of science and future generations of specialists and scientists who are able to explore innovations in the broadly understood chemistry.

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