Multidisciplinary International School
Nanobiomaterials Engineering of knowledge

Short Course on Nanostructured Polymer Materials

24-28 August 2023 - Registration opens in February 2023


Cristina Elizetxea Ezeiza

 Sustainability in polymer material synthesis and circularity aspects

Jens Gaitzsch

 Soft skill training

Jean-François Gérard

 Bioinspiration for designing polymer-based materials

Rebecca Hernandez

 Polymer hydrogels: crosslinking strategies, rheological properties and 3D printing

José Kenny

 Development, processing and characterization of bio-nano polymer composites

Klaus Müllen

 Small or large, 1D or 2D -  synthesizing organic electronic

Francesca Nanni

 3D and 4D printing of biosourced polymers

Jiří Pfleger

 Current trends in polymers for electronics and photonics